Observe!  See how they ignore that wonderful brown poncho with the roses! How could they even?

We have many pieces that deserve recognition.  Do you dare to stare them in the eye?

Our items are free spirits, just like our customers, and who knows how long they will stick around?

Welcome to Cool Pony

Welcome to Cool Pony

A purveyor of wearable vintage and modern thrift clothing, records and music in a relaxed setting, Cool Pony has a great selection of country, jazz, rock and folk/ethnic records, as well as selective thrift and vintage clothes, jewelry and footwear. Cool Pony has a relaxing backyard that is always open to the public and often the site of impromptu jams, movie screenings and community barbecues.

Cool Pony’s owners, Craig and Ari, met while volunteering post-Hurricane Sandy in Red Hook. Amazed at the huge surplus of clothes donated to disaster relief organizations–much more than was needed–they realized they could help used clothes find a home at an affordable price, year-round. “I’ve always loved the experience of feeling like I have discovered treasure, and given things a second life when I take them home,” says Ari. A mix of thrift and vintage, from haute couture to your favorite plaid shirt, Cool Pony gives you a local, sustainable and affordable alternative to spending your dollars on disposable fashion.

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